• Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you a sex cult?


    Do you care to elaborate?

    Not really. But if you insist...



    Definition of cult (webster)


    1: a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious (see SPURIOUS sense 2)also : its body of adherents


    That's us. Unorthodox. Orthodoxy has gotten us to where we are as a society. It has sought to make you docile and complacent. It has worked to separate you from your birth right of sacred sexual power. We are the opposite.


    We are unorthodox.



    Why did you start this?

    No one currently involved with the Union “started” this. The Abyss has always been here, and will always continue to be here, whether an individual chooses to acknowledge it or not.


    The Invitations of the Union can be found practiced throughout history in all areas of the world.


    The Abyssian Union is simply a combining of these disparate lessons into a unified resource for all who seek it.



    Does that mean I can call myself Abyssian?

    Well, that’s sort of a personal choice. If you read our materials, like what they say and want to live your life by our invitations, faster than you can say "Extacsis" you’re Abyssian. That’s your decision.


    I’m sure we all know several really terrible people who call themselves “Christian”. That doesn’t really mean they practice that faith. It’s more like a checkbox.


    Living your life for the Abyss is a journey, one that we are happy to help you on. So if you are finding value in what we teach, join our free members area and reach out! We will be happy to help you on a more formal path to reclaiming the power of your sexuality and sacred self.


    Do I need to pay money to join the Union?

    Unequivocally, No.


    The idea that one has to pay to hold certain beliefs and values is really offensive. We present the vast majority of our information, free of charge. There is more than enough material, for free, to make an informed choice on if the Abyss is for you.


    As a practicing Abyssian there are certain things that may come with a fee. Events, classes, festivals, books, but I think you are probably used to paying for those things in the Muggle world already. Those things are never a requirement. The Abyss is available for all who seek it. Regardless of station or economic situation.


    However, if you follow the path to The Abyss, and you find the value in your life that we have, donations for the continued support of our mission are always appreciated.


    Do you force members to have sex?

    Fuck no. At the root of everything you will find in Abyssian culture is a very important word,




    We don’t believe in force. Come willingly to the Abyss or not at all. If you will notice, the core tenets are called “Invitations” not “Commandments”. We invite you to follow our Invitations. Know that accepting that invitation can lead to a wondrous and fulfilling life, but people who follow our ways do so of their own free will and desire.


    It’s the only way this works.


    All of that being said, as stated in our second invitation “We invite you to celebrate your sexuality.” The Abyssian Union is an organization dedicated to providing a safe environment for the exploration of ALL sexualities. Sex is power. We will help you to reclaim yours.



    Does The Union Baptize members?

    Yes! But it’s not the kind of baptism you are probably familiar with. The Abyssian Union does not baptize children.


    Remember what we said about consent? Yeah, it’s really important to us.


    So we do not take any formal members who have not reached the age of consent of at least 18 years.



    So if I’m under 18 the Union is not for me?

    The Union is for everyone. We welcome anyone to read our literature and live by our principles. 


    However, we do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to participate in any of our rituals or events. 


    Your mind is still growing. 


    Hopefully that never stops. 


    But we believe it’s important to be of an age to make a rational decision about joining an organization like The Union. We will still be here on your 18th birthday. With cake.




    What is the Abyss?

    The Abyss is everything. You, me, your pet dog, pikachu, that weird iguana at your neighbors, your neighbor.


    The Abyss is the fathomless pool of existence where all realities come from. Other organization may call it the Universe, we find that limiting as we believe in a multiverse.


    Anything that is, has been, or can be is all sourced from The Abyss. And when we pass from this realm, we will return to The Abyss.





    So do you believe in an afterlife?

    We believe in a life ever changing and ever lasting. We believe that when “you” pass on from your current reality you will return to the abyss and your essence is redistributed to an infinite number of new realities. Death isn’t a thing. Everything is life. Life continues.

    Do you believe in any other weird shit?

    100% We believe in change, in all things. So we have no dogma. We believe in Science and its ability to give us meaning in making sense of our current reality. We believe in art as a medium to express the infinite of The Abyss and make sense of the human journey in a way that words can never do. And we believe in you. Whoever you are, we believe that you have the power and the ability to improve your life and the life of others.

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