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We Invite You to Submit to A Life of Service

Submission is the highest expression of Service.

Service is the highest expression of Divinity.

Service gives us purpose. It takes us out of our own minds and brings us into a higher power.

Now before you Dominants think “I’m the most Domly Dom to ever Dom. I don’t submit to anything,” We invite you to ask yourself these things:

Do you submit to the love of your submissive?

Do you submit to the growth of your submissive?

Do you submit to the power in community?

Our erotic playground teaches us the importance of service, but service should extend beyond our erotic playground. Think of everyone who was in a service position to you today - your employees, your barista, your children, your friends helping you move to your apartment.

Give back, even if it’s just a smile, or giving them space.

Service gives us purpose.

Purpose gives us joy.

Reclaim that joy.

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