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We Invite You to Love Fully

How great does it feel to love someone?

How great does it feel to be loved?

Love feels so good - in every form. Love bring us so much joy. Look at how it makes you feel to think about it - your partners, your pets, your kids, your parents, your career.

Very often, we have been told we are not deserving of love. Or we are told we are not worthy of being loved in the way we dream about. Fully loved. Fully accepted. We are told that if we love fully we become vulnerable and weak. But vulnerability is not weakness. It is one of your greatest strengths. It is the path to love.

Love is grounding. It reminds us why we’re here. It reminds us to be selfless and caring. It points us in the direction of being a better version of ourselves for the sake of the people we love. It gives us the freedom to be playful, silly, sexy, ridiculous, strong, caring, expressive, and vulnerable.

You are worthy.

You are deserving of love.

We invite you to embrace your vulnerability.

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