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We Invite You to Gain Strength Thru Power Exchange

What is Power Exchange?

According to the BDSM wiki, here it is:


“Power exchange (also called Erotic power exchange, authority exchange and power dynamics) refers to a relationship of mutual consent in which one person gives their submission in exchange for another person giving their dominance. The exchange is the power that is always inherent in dominance & submission where in which the s-type loses some degree of authority to the D-type in exchange for the D-type taking some degree of responsibility for the s-type.

Intense and skillful use of power exchange may result in subpace”

We would argue that intense and skillful use of Power Exchange also may result in Domspace - overall an altered headspace. A shared extasis.

Power Exchange allows us to explore an inner Wonderland - a space where we can play in the dark. Up is down and down is up. With consent, we can explore light and dark parts of our psyches and take down our boundaries that we may or may not have held onto for years.

And we have someone who we trust to hold our hand throughout the journey.

Submission is the highest form of service. If you are in a submissive position, you have embodied the strength to trust someone else to lead your heart, mind, and body into a world that is not “normal.” What a fucking beautiful form of intimacy.

If you are in a Dominant position, you have the complete trust of another human being in your hands - this is a person who will grow for you, who will suffer for you, who will live for you. They have given you one of the most magical fucking gifts known to us as human beings. How do you want to use it?

Subspace and Domspace is magic. It’s an altered headspace. It allows you to take in information you normally couldn’t under normal circumstances. How do you want to use it? Do you want to make this person better than when you started this journey? Tell them.

You are stronger than you can fathom.

We invite you to regain that strength.

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