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We Invite You to Embrace Change

The only thing you will ever be able to truly count on is that nothing will ever stay the same. You are constantly evolving, as is the world around you. So much pain is caused when an individual captures a mental snapshot of circumstances in a particular moment and holds on to it for dear life. That mental picture stays the same as the world around that they perceive changes. As those two pictures grow further apart, cognitive dissonance sets in. A feeling of disconnection from the world they inhabit.

This is the road to depression and anger.

But who wants to be stagnant?

Who wants to do the same thing over and over again every fucking day?

Think of your favorite stories - your favorite parties, your favorite memories, your biggest hardships, and the things in life that brought you your greatest joy.

It all came from a huge change, right?

Change can be scary. It can sometimes be painful and make us want to hide away back into what we know.

But the phoenix rises from the ashes, and so can we.

How have you improved since yesterday? Did you learn something? Did you grown? Did you conquer something you never thought you could do a year ago?

We bet you have. We bet you will again.

With change comes wisdom, growth, and empathy. Sometimes breaking your boundaries is painful and scary, but it is embracing this change that puts us on a path to better ourselves and the world.

Embrace your path.

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