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We Invite you to celebrate your sexuality.

Sex is power. You are powerful. Reclaim that power.

You can lie about what you did yesterday, what you ate for dinner, what you truly think about your friend’s favorite (shitty) band...but you can’t really lie to yourself about what turns you on - at least, not for long.

Our sex drive is a powerful force. Institutions and organized religions have tried to control and harness its power from essentially their formation. From anti-masturbation cornflakes to “pray the gay away” camps to monogamy-only marriages for life, each movement that tries to convince us that sex is bad eventually implodes when the tension gets too high. The more we try to repress it, the more viciously it returns to us in the most inconvenient and sometimes ugly ways. Eventually, these societies/churches/temples/etc. start making concessions after human nature starts rearing its head.

Sexuality is powerful. Those who try to control or limit our sexuality attempt to take away a part of our power, autonomy, and humanity. But even amidst millenia of attempted suppression, our need for sex, love, and intimacy has proven to be bigger than any other force that has tried to suppress it.

Our sexuality is the most honest part of who we are - it is a reflection of what is happening both inside and outside of us. Human beings need sex the way we need food, water, and sleep. Most of us would argue that sex is one of the best medicines we have for sleep, stress relief, self confidence and general well being. Instead of thinking of sex as either good or bad, why not be curious about what it might have to teach us and how we can utilize it to reach our maximum potential as a society?

Now, imagine a world where your sexuality was celebrated - where you weren’t shamed for how you chose to express intimacy, but instead praised for how you chose to exercise your sexual autonomy. You wouldn’t have to waste energy worrying about hiding your face on your kinky/gay/polyamorous dating profile. You wouldn’t be fired from your job for making a sex tape with a consensual partner. You could walk away from a sexual encounter refreshed and relaxed from expressing something natural and bonding with another person, free from shame, guilt, and disgust that the old world would force upon you.

Sex is power. We invite you to reclaim it.

We invite you to reclaim it now.

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