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Profiles in Sacred Sexuality

Spring Edition

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A Few Questions with Amira Barakat Al-Baladi, the Sacred Stripper

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love getting to explore other realms of consciousness with other sex workers, especially when I get to expose them to aspects of their own spirituality that they haven’t met yet. I am grateful that it is my job to create the type of healing justice community that I would want to be part of.

Your spirituality and sexuality seem very connected. Has it always been that way for you? If not, what changed?

I have always been a very sexual person since I was a child. Being able to express myself sexually is how I express my freedom. I don’t think I was totally conscious of it before. Going through my healing process I realized that I had a lot of trauma related to my sexuality and personal agency. It was very important for me to take a long break from the industry and be celibate for long periods of time so I could heal. Now I’m in the part of my journey where orgasms and sexual healing is what is needed, and that’s almost more challenging because when it feels too good, there are parts of me that are scared to feel it, so I don’t let myself fully go there. I am a healer, a sex worker and a sexual healer and I still have so many issues I’m healing especially sexual issues. I want to show other sex workers that it’s ok. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being human. While it’s a trend right now for people to do sex work and sexual healing, I want to create more space for healing and visibility for the people who have already been doing this and might feel more sexual shame than sexual empowerment.

One thing that drew me to your work was your concentration in creating practices for sex workers. What prompted that? Do you find any patterns or surprises in your sessions with sex workers? (Such as challenges in the workplace, ways Sw’s can support and help each other, etc).

I’ve heard from other sources that some spiritual healers want to charge sex workers more money to cleanse their energy. This is so unfair! But also we are more prone to having spiritual attachments and deeply imbedded energetic issues because of our work. Most sex workers that I work on have excess energy left over from clients and previous relationships, but they also have past life experiences of being sex workers, priestesses, sex Goddesses, concubines, temple dancers, oracles or in some other capacity related to holy sexuality and abuse of sexuality. Digging deeper into the birth chart especially 12th house placements can tell us a lot about this as well as energy exploration through a reiki session or reading. The mission close to my heart is to get as many sex workers as possible certified as reiki healers so that we establish pre-eminence in the healing arts while also increasing relevant and supportive access to spiritual healing for hoes who need it.

I loved the ritual/practice/mantra I saw on your IG once (I got some lovely responses when I shared it, too) that said, “I take nothing from you. You take nothing from me.” It’s beautiful and I’d love to hear your inspo behind creating that practice if you don’t mind sharing it.

A massage therapist friend shared that with me when I was totally burned out from doing 10 sensual massages per day. It was a game changer! Now it’s probably my most popular teaching which I get the most feedback on. It works! Not just with clients and customers but literally anyone. You’ll know it’s working because you’ll feel so relieved after using it. All you have to do is silently say it to yourself 3 times before, after or during interactions. It works great and it helps keep interactions with clients profitable and safe.

What role does ritual play in your practice (if any)?

This is an interesting question for me at this moment in time because I’ve been doing a lot of deep healing using self love and self care rituals for healing from the experience of being ritually abused as a child. Ritual comes second nature to me and I instinctively create ritual spaces as containers for myself and others to heal in, whether they are simple of elaborate spaces. Recently I’ve been using ceremonial baths and rituals of self touch therapy to bring in all iterations of myself together. I’ll go back in time to when I was 9 or when I was 15 and recreate sexual experiences I had then to be more empowering and supportive of the sex life I want to create, within the safe container of my baths.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to integrate more spirituality into their sexuality?

The easiest practice I know of is to simply use sex and sexual acts as a meditation. The more you slow down and calm your mind, which you can do with reiki, the more deeply healing and enjoyable the experience will be. You can also program your sex partner with your intentions. For example, if you’re getting oral stimulation from a partner, focus on them delivering healing to you, be specific about what type of healing and how they’re delivering it to you, and so it is.

Do you have any other thoughts, advice, or mantras for sex workers and allies during this time of quarantine?

Stay focused on your goals and don’t give up. Learn a new skill, like Isis Reiki which I developed and now teach to sex workers and survivors of sexual assault. The World needs a lot of healing right now and healers are being called to show up, first for ourselves. I’ve been saying for years that we were on the verge of a huge paradigm shift in consciousness and now it’s here. I’m here to support you in your spiritual journey, help you develop your intuition to keep you safe, sane and wealthy, and support you in your professional development if you’re seeking a career or another stream of income in the spiritual healing arts. We are already healers, what we do as sex workers is healing, and it’s time for us to be recognized for it.

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