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    The Home of the Abyssian Union, a religious order dedicated to the enlightenment of consciousness through sexuality.

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    Welcome to the Abyss! Who want sex magic?

    The Abyssian Union is a religious organization (non-profit 501c3) for the education, enlightenment, and empowerment of humans through sacred sexuality and recognition of body autonomy.

    We are just like you. Except we have been here just a little bit longer. We believe that within us, humans have the ability to gain and receive everything they want. How do you ask? By harnessing our natural erotic and ecstatic energy.

    Supporting us, you will get access to talks, events, literature, and even one on one sessions. We want everyone to be playing at this level, because once connected to the self, there isn’t anything you can’t do.

    Are you trans? Afraid you’ll get fired? Not anymore. Your right to be Trans/Whatever you want is a major pillar of our beliefs.

    Are you gay or lesbian and afraid someone won’t make a cake for you or sell you a house? Not anymore, being able to love who you want, is also a major pillar of our belief system.

    Are you poly but with a monogamous partner you’re divorcing? Don’t worry we got you. Polyamory is also a large component of our beliefs, and hey, we can help you help your partner understand you, maybe you wont’ need to get divorced.


    We hope you stay and play.


    -The Abyssian Union

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  • The 7 Invitations

    What we believe, and what we invite you to believe too.

    The Abyss is the source of everything. Everything comes from the Abyss and to the Abyss everything shall return.

    Sex is power. Societies and Organizations that aim to control or limit your sexuality are designed to make you docile and limit your power. Take that power back.

    A selfish life is a life constrained. Reclaim your power and celebrate the path of others to reclaim theirs.

    Giving yourself to another is the ultimate freedom. Submitting to or taking responsibility for another is the highest expression of love..

    Be bigger than yourself. And the abyss will unlock it's mysteries for you.

    Life is fluid. The only thing you will ever be able to count on is that everything will change.

    Love is terrifying. Vulnerability and empathy are difficult. But they are the only path to real joy.

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    Writings on things people in a sex cult care about.

    April 12, 2020 · profiles,sex workers,healers,magic
    A Few Questions with Amira Barakat Al-Baladi, the Sacred Stripper What do you enjoy most about your work? I love getting to explore other realms of consciousness with other sex workers, especially when I get to expose them to aspects of their own spirituality that they haven’t met yet. I am...
    The Abyss can sound scary. In modern culture, it conjures images of a void. A great nothingness, a punishment for the unworthy. Webster’s Dictionary, definition number 2, “the bottomless gulf, pit, or chaos of the old cosmogonies” (here’s a hint; cosmogonies means having to do with the...
    How good does it feel to give? How good does it feel to volunteer? Have you ever donated anything? Have you ever given to a charity? Doesn’t it feel fucking great? Now imagine giving back the feeling of being understood, the feeling of being accepted, and the feeling of being loved...
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